Prince de Galles Hotel Renovation to be Très Époque

prince de galles

photo courtesy of Prince de Galles, Paris

The Prince de Galles Hotel renovation reveal will be Très Époque. Please pardon our French and play on words reference to Belle Époque (Beautiful Era), which is the period that this much-coveted Art Deco masterpiece emerged from. At a time when the US was living up the high life of the Roaring Twenties, France was experiencing its own artsy, jazz, and cabaret filled scene during the Années Folles (Roaring Twenties en francais). In 1928, the chic Prince de Galles Hotel, designed by André Arfvidso, opened its swanky doors in the heart of Paris.

The luxurious establishment chose to call itself the Prince de Galles (Wales in French) to honor and make the then Prince and future King of the UK, Edward VIII, feel welcome when he stayed there. Throughout the years, the hotel has accommodated quite a number of affluent guests, including Sir Winston Churchill, Marlene Dietrich, and “The King” himself, Elvis Presley.

Not only does the Prince de Galles Hotel shine bright in the City of Light with its vibrant and ornate geometric embellishments, which is characteristic of the Art Deco style, but it is also built using stone from the same quarries as the Arc de Triomphe. The priceless piece of French architecture sits perched upon a site of unrivaled real estate in Paris’ 8th arrondissement; in fact, it was discovered in 2010 that the area just above the hotel’s inner patio of the 2nd floor used to be none other than Federic Chopin’s apartment.

After 2 years of meticulous restoration, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide plans on reopening the Prince de Galles in May 2013. It is rumored that over $200 million has been spent in the building’s top to bottom renovation and that the hotel has admirably continued paying the full salaries of its 180 employees throughout the entire process.

There is little doubt that the Prince de Galles will be amongst the crème de la crème of hotels again in less than 2 months. With its exquisite décor, an esteemed history, and Parisian class, who wouldn’t want to spend at least a night at luxury hotel in Paris such as this?

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