Bizarre Ice Cream from Around the World

It’s hot out there! It feels like summer is here even though spring has only just begun—and that can mean only one thing (besides flip flops)—ice cream! Why settle for plain ol’ chocolate or vanilla when there are flavor innovators around the world pushing the limits of ice creamolgy? How about a little meat in your soft serve? Sure! What about exotic herbs and spices? We’ve got that. Think outside the cone this spring as we take you through the most unconventional flavors in ice cream history.

Horse Meat—Japan
Many of us would pale at the thought of eating horse meat in general, let alone in ice cream, but the Japanese enjoy this lean, tender meat sashimi style (sakura), and in basashi ice cream. The brand that produces it also offers other offbeat flavors that have “limited popularity,” even among the Japanese.

The town of Gilroy, the self proclaimed “Garlic Capital of the World,” prides itself on garli-cizing everything from beverages to pies, so it’s no surprise that they have masterminded a tangy garlic ice cream flavor. Check out the festival they hold each July to sample some for yourself!

This outrageous confection really pushes the boundaries of ice cream, even for this list’s purposes. Created from whipped lard, seasonal berries, sugar and bits of meat (usually whale, seal blubber or fish) this frosty treat came in handy for preserving precious berries and meat through the long winters. It’s more of a novelty now that native Alaskans have modern options for storing their winter stores.

Caesar Salad—Vermont
A creative chef in New England thought it was a tasty idea to somehow get a Caesar salad into ice cream cone form. He pulled out all the stops and ended up with an emulsified romaine puree topped with Parmesan ice cream and anchovy fondant to garnish. Way to go, chef.

In the town of Merida you can treat yourself to a decadent dish of—what else?—noodly spaghetti ice cream. The shop, Heladeria Coromoto, offers more flavors than anywhere in the world so they have to get zany to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t worry, there’s no marinara involved, just bits of pasta and cheese in this blend.

Delicately crafted with 60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian caviar, this gourmet flavor can be found wherever fine Philippe Faur ice creams are sold. For over 40 years this family run operation has produced world class ice creams, sorbets and ices that are bound to impress even the most discerning palate.

How about some creamy sharp cheddar swirls in your vanilla? Locals go crazy for this salty, tangy blend. Personally, we don’t think this flavor sounds too repulsive, but it’s still a strange combination! Called “Quezo Real” in the South Pacific you’ll find locals and visitors alike partaking!

Spicy Chili—Singapore
This seems a little counter productive—how is one supposed to enjoy the heat of chili peppers if the ice cream is cold? Conversely, if you just wanted some cold refreshing ice cream, aren’t you going to be disappointed when your mouth ends up on fire from the chilies? Mixed in with tomato flavored ice cream, this frosty delight takes the cake for most daring.

Prosciutto—San Francisco
Leave it to those liberal west coasters to let yet another meat into a dessert food! The Boccalone Prosciutto flavor you’ll find in this town includes thin slices of the prosciutto mixed with salt and pepper laced ice cream. Talk about taking sweet and salty to an extreme!

The Sex Pistol–London
Otherwise known as “Viagra” ice cream, this blend is meant to get you in the mood with Absinthe and herbs like arginine, ginko biloba and guarana mixed in. Does it work? We aren’t sure, we are too chicken to try it ourselves!

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