“Gatsby, What Gatsby?”

If you are even half as excited as we are for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film The Great Gatsby, then you are probably quivering, squealing and/or jumping up and down. When the trailer came out last week, we fell out of our chair in fitful spasms of delight.


So clearly, in true Baz Luhrmann style, the soundtrack is going to be sizzling with anachronistic beats, the costumery utterly breathtaking and the casting is thoughtful. Did anyone else get chills at Jack White’s raw rendition of “Love is Blindness” in the trailer? We nearly swooned. Baz seems to have borrowed a bit of the decadent glitz from Moulin Rouge which will make the Gatsby’s lavish house parties a veritable feast for the eyes. Did we mention the movie will be in 3D? It’s going to be so intense, virtually raining glitter and glamour all over the theater.

Photo Courtesy of imdb.com

We have loved Leonardo DiCaprio since his Arnie Grape days and it seems he can still do no wrong (we’ll just pretend Man in the Iron Mask never happened). Relative newcomers Carey Mulligan and the ruggedly handsome Joel Edgerton will play the aloof Buchanans and we especially look forward to Tobey Maguire coming back to the screen, sans Spiderman suit.

The film was masterminded on Luhrmann’s home turf in Australia, but while we foam at the mouth with anticipation for seven more months, there are some iconic Gatsby landmarks we can stalk to hold us over.

If you want to channel your inner elitist, head straight to Long Island, where you won’t find East Egg and West Egg, but you will find the real life Manhasset Neck and Great Neck across the bay from each other. Extravagant manors line these impeccably manicured streets and your jaw will drop at the sheer magnitude of wealth and power emanating from behind the wrought iron fences.

Oheka Castle, Long Island

Photo Courtesy of Oheka.com

The proverbial cherry on top is Oheka Castle, said to be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original inspiration for the Gatsby mansion. The second largest private home in America, this estate will dazzle you with its sprawling grounds, gilded halls and historic restorations. Situated in Huntington, this is the place to get your Daisy on.

Back in Manhattan, the legendary Plaza Hotel is a must if you want to keep up with the Gatsby party. Nick, Jordan, Tom, Daisy and Jay head here on a “boring” summer day to escape the heat. Book the Edwardian Suite for about $1000 per night (chump change, since you’re a high roller like Jay Gatsby) and your entourage will be highly impressed.

The Plaza Hotel

Photo Courtesy of Theplaza.com

The Great Gatsby hits theaters on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, experience all of the Gilded Gatsby Glitz from your luxury hotel in New York. Excellent Hotels is at your service to beat any competitor’s price on the hotels you covet, (just in case you don’t happen to be a self-made, millionaire bootlegger).

PS–Do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for any rogue Rolls Royces…

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