A Tree Grows in Milan

Luxury Hotels in MilanHave you heard of the newest green innovation in Milan? It’s called Bosco Verticale and it’s a residential building that will be specially festooned with plant life and trees. This effort to decrease pollution by filtering urban dust particles whilst simultaneously producing clean oxygen is the brainchild of Stefano Boeri, who intends to finish the towers by the end of 2012.

The architects have gone to great lengths to make every detail perfect on these twin 27 story towers, from the tree species (they are the hardiest in high winds so there’s less chance of them falling over) to the grey water irrigation system that will feed the hungry forest.

Luxury Hotels in MilanAbout 50,000 square meters of urban sprawl will be saved due to Bosco Verticale’s sky-reaching design, and environmental experts hope that the hundreds of trees and thousands of plants will positively affect the surrounding micro climate. Residents of the Isola neighborhood are both skeptical and have many questions regarding the finished towers, but are overall excited by the new idea.

Hopefully, if Milan’s green towers succeed, we will start to see residences, hotels and offices “sprouting” up around the world. Bosco Verticale isn’t going to reverse global warming, but with its state of the art solar array, complex water recycling system and literal green décor, its carbon footprint will be next to none, and that’s what we need to see more of these days!

Check out the progress of Bosco Verticale from your luxury hotel in Milan and let us know what you think about the project in the comments!

Photos courtesy of stefanoboeriarchitetti.net

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