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This week we welcome Sophie to the blog. Sophie is an employee of Excellent Hotels that hails from the Pyrenees in the south of France and is fortunate enough to visit and review many of the properties we sell before they are offered to the general public. We are very excited to offer her firsthand insight in what will be a serial feature on our blog. Welcome Sophie!

I’ve learned a lot during my travels and since I can’t seem to stop booking flights, I just keep on taking it all in. I’ve seen many different places, experienced unexpected and unique things and learned that travel can impact you in ways you didn’t know possible. After returning home from a trip abroad, you really start to see your own country in a different light. With travel shaping so much of who I am, I feel I have a good opportunity to pass my stories and experiences off to other people. My hope is that I can have an effect on people who may not be as fortunate as I have been and may not get to travel, or maybe even influence them to get up and just go. Every journey starts with a first step; all you have to do is take it.

Luxury Hotels in Paris In honor of appreciating my own country again, I decided to take a few days in Paris, a city I love, though I’ve only visited a few times. This time I wanted to seek out the hidden gems of the city, and I sure did find one! I always make sure that my living accommodations, even though temporary, are comfortable and make me feel at home. Staying in a poor hotel can really sour a trip, so I try my best to avoid that.

I stayed in this amazing little boutique hotel, Le Pavillon de la Reine, located in the Marais district, right in the heart of the city. I myself prefer to stay in smaller hotels or a bed and breakfast that make me feel like I’m the only person staying there. With about 30 or so rooms and suites, this hotel is the perfect sized accommodation that I look for.

My first impression of this cozy hotel was the gorgeous courtyard/patio the leads up to the vine covered entrance of the hotel. Even with the busy street behind me, it made me feel like I was 30 miles outside the city in the countryside, something that is hard to find in city so large. So far so good I must say. After checking in with the friendly receptionist, I was led up to my room, a “chambre supérieure.” Listed as their second lowest room category, I can only imagine what the other rooms are like.

Luxury Hotels in Paris My room was so tastefully decorated in classic French style. The furniture was great including a very comfortable bed that was a perfect way to end a long of exploring! The best part of the room was peace and quiet it provided even though the hotel is located right in the middle of Paris. That, and my window had an amazing view over looking the beautiful courtyard, which was a great to spend the evenings after a long day of sightseeing.

A regret I did have about my short stay in Paris this time around was I didn’t have time to enjoy the brand new Spa de la Reine by Carita, which had just opened. A steam bath and a facial would have been perfect after touring the Louvre for the first time, which I’m mad at myself for not visiting on my earlier trips to Paris. The spa even offers treatments for men and couples!

Luxury Hotels in France La Pavillon de le Reine is a great place to stay and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. The location, friendly service and comfortable rooms make it ideal to come home to. The staff was more than accommodating in helping me seek out a few amazing cafes and the best patisserie in the neighborhood. So do yourself a favor as I did and book a room at this hotel; for a few nights, you will live like a king!

Le Pavillon de la Reine and many other luxury hotels in Paris are waiting to pamper you in the prestigious Chateau & Hotels Collection, exclusively at Excellent Hotels.


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