Istanbul: A Different Kind of City

Turkey is in the top ten destinations of the world. Why wouldn’t it be? With warm climate, rich history, shopping and culture of two to choose from, many scholars noted that Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures.
With the Adamar hotel located in Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, this hotel has a panoramic restaurant that from your table you will be able to see the dome of Hagia Sophia, the minarets of the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace and life’s hustle and bustle below you. With all these sights you can already guess that this hotel is in the historic area of Istanbul, that are all the historic sights are with in walking distance.
The Blue Mosque for example is about a ten minute walk that you can visit for free. For non Muslims it is closed for about 90 minutes during the five daily prayers. When in the mosque please no picture taking of the inside or of the patrons following their religion. You will be given a bag for your shoes to place in and for women you will be given a scarf to cover your head and hair. Both will be returned before you leave. For your pictures the best view is on the west side near the Hippadrome. Like most places of worship you can leave a donation to help maintain the mosque but it is not required.Blue Mosque
For the brave you can try a Turkish Bath. Please note that men and women do not cross paths and the two will not meet. The Hamams will either have separate entrances, or different hours for the sexes. One to try is the Cagaloglu Hamami which is about 40 meters from the Adamar.
Also downtown is the Armada Istanbul Old City Hotel. This hotel offers two rooms that are handicapped accessible. This hotel also has a roof top terrace. This hotel is about 500 meters from the Hagia Sophia Museum.
The Hagia Sophia Museum was built as a symbol to restore greatness of the Roman Empire. It was built as a Catholic church but was later transformed into a mosque and remained so until 1935. Do not confuse the Blue Mosque from the Hagia Sophia. The difference is that the Blue Mosque was built as a mosque and was not converted over.
The Adamar is closer to the Grand Bazaar, but the Armada Istanbul Old City is closer to the sea.
The Grand Bazaar is the oldest covered market place and it is between the mosques of Beyazit and Nuruosmaniye. By having all goods in one area the effect was to help to protect from thievery, fire and uprising. From jewelry, pottery, clothing, and carpets you can find it all here. The Grand Bazaar is organized by sections so looking at a map will help you decide where you want to enter. Same idea if you were going to a mall.
Most business meetings are now happening on the Asia side of Istanbul. Though it doesn’t have the history flare like the European side it still has the picturesque flare of the docks also the Grand Bazaar is not the only place to get a great deal. That is where Bagdat Avenue comes in. This area is open for shopping on Sunday unlike the Grand Bazaar.
The Divan Istanbul Asia comes in as a new hotel with nine meeting rooms, office supplies and secretarial services it was designed with the business traveler in mind. This hotel is close to the major corporate headquarters. The center of Kadkoy is 20 minutes away using public transportation.
Done your shopping and seen the sights? What now? Well West Palm is not the only place that has beaches. Caddebostan Beach has been reopened after being closed for almost 40 years. This area is free so it can get crowded if you are traveling during when school is closed.turkish tea picnic
A little closer to the Sultanahmet area but still in the Asian section is the Doubletree by Hilton Moda that is about 15 minutes from the Caddebostan Beach and about 20 minutes from Camlica Hill. Istanbul has had reverence of its seven hills in literature and poetry.  This spot is popular for being able to slow down and have a picnic as you watch the sun set with a view of all if Istanbul. Or if you prefer to have morning brunch so you can people watch. Camlica Hill also has many cafes for this hobby.
This hotel is also very close to the Ferry Terminal in Kadikoy, which also has easy access to the airport for you. The Havatas airport shuttle runs between Kadikoy bus terminal (right next to the ferry terminal) and runs about every 30 minutes from 4:00 am to midnight.
With so much more that Istanbul has to offer from the Golden Horn, Topkapi Palace, the Hippadrome come let us get your flight and hotel stay so you can see Istanbul for yourself and step into another world.

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