The Sun Seeker: Portugal

Hotels in PortugalIf you start to follow this blog, it will quickly become obvious that I have an affinity for the sea. I was born on the coast and hope to always live within sight of the water. Thus, in an effort to keep it authentic, I’m going to stick with what I know best with insight and anecdotes about beaches, tropical destination accommodations, islands, rocky coasts, neon-lit seashores and the like. I also love to eat, so in future posts that’s bound to come up too, (we won’t talk about how when I was a baby my two loves once collided in a somewhat pitiful beach-sand-eating-spree…but I digress).

The first beaches I would like to highlight are those coveted sands on the coast of Portugal. Visitors flock from all corners to lounge in the sublime warmth of the Algarve, but did you know that northern Portugal boasts great beaches too? And if you are coordinated enough to stand up on a surf board (unlike myself) the beaches on the central coast are pummeled with world class surfing waves.

The Algarve is certainly sought after for a reason; the sun, vibrant atmosphere and abounding luxury hotels make it an ideal beach destination for a balmy Southern European feel. If you are keen for chillier water, quaint fishing villages and a more rugged vibe, check out Portugal’s other stretches of Atlantic sand.

Praia de Moledo, Apulia (north of Porto) is off most tourists’ radars and offers both big surf and a wide expanse of fine white sand to recline on. The coast of Peniche is more central and dubbed the “European Pipeline” for its tubular wave breaks. On the southwestern corner of the country, the Costa Vicentina is a protected Natural Park with dramatic cliffs, hiking trails, and quiet fishing spots. The beaches here lack the convenience of hotels, bars and shopping nearby, but easily compensate with tranquil and unspoiled beauty.

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