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So you got your tickets to your dream location in Paris? Great! Now where do you want to stay?  You know you want a downtown location, but you just can not be at the center of it all.  So now you have to focus on what you really want to do in Paris.  Are you going to see Mona Lisa’s smile?  Is it the shopping?  Some of us girls really are Carrie Bradshaw.  Is the cuisine the reason that you dream?  By pinpointing the area of the city that has several of the attractions that are on top of your “must see list” after, allow yourself enoughcity pic of Paris time to explore the surrounding area and see other noteworthy places such as the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, where legendary rock icon Jim Morrison is buried.

When researching, Paris is put into two parts, the right bank and the left bank, both of which are divided into districts known as arrondissements.  Looking of a map of Paris you will see the districts spiral around.  Eiffel Tower is where you want to be?  Look around the neighboring arrondissements you may get a better deal on your hotel rate.  Not sure what district the hotel is in?  Just look at the zip code, the last two digits are the location of the district. Here are some suggestions of the numerous hotels that Excellent Hotels offer in Paris. Now that you decided on what you want to do here is where we can help you.

Art thou Beautiful
The Mona Lisa is smiling at the Louvre that is located on the Right bank, in the 1st district which is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. To be near the Louvre, you may want to try the Hotel de la Place due Louvre. This is a small contemporary style hotel that is right across the street so no public transportation is needed for the visit. A nice little surprise where they serve breakfast is called the Cave des Mousquetaires, which was once a featured passage to the Louvre. Looking for a little more flare? Try the Louvre Montana. It is only about a ten minute walk to the Louvre. This establishment is still on the small side, but rest assured that it is not your typical cookie cutter hotel!

To look Nouveau riche
Love the couture but want to take something home? You may want to try the many department stores in Paris. Like the Galeries Lafayette Department Store. This place is known as a fashion institute. To find it on the map, look for the Paris Opera that is on the right bank in the 9th arrondissement. The shop’s hours of operations are Monday – Saturday 9:30 am to 7:30 pm and Thursdays they are open until 9 pm.

The Austin’s Saint Lazare is a good start to buying your new Parisian wardrobe. This hotel is about 550 meters from the department store. Even though this hotel is near one of the major train stations in Paris, the rooms are soundproof, though the most the quieter ones are on the back area of the hotel. If you prefer less clutter, then the Helios Opera hotel may be more to your liking. This hotel is only about a three minute walk to the Galeries. Many people rave about the location for this 42 room hotel because of the convenient access to the 9th district’s amenities. The 8th district also has many shopping areas and the Champs Elysees is in this area. The last stage of the Tour de France has the bikers on this street ending at the Arc de Triomphe to cross the finish line.

Are you seeking the sophistication that Paris is known for? We have the Chambieges Elysees for you in this district. This hotel is about a ten minute walk from the Grand Palais, which also has fine art to observe. This is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm with the exception of Tuesdays being closed.

Baguette or Croissant with your Cafe
Are you looking to enjoy the bistros of Paris? You will want to be on the left bank in the 5th or 6th arrondissement, known as the Latin Quarter. This area became known as the Latin Quarter in the Middle Ages, as Latin was considered to be the international language at the time. The area is also home to the couple eatingUniversity of Paris, founded in the 12th century.

If you’re looking for gastronomic delights, you’ll want to stay at the Hotel Des Nations St Germain. This establishment is close to a variety of cafes, artisan sandwich shops, and creperies. Looking for a quirky hotel? Then you will want The Five hotel. After walking along one of the oldest streets, the Rue Mouffetard, you may want to choose this hotel for its unique combination of comfort and style.

Perhaps you are looking for that high society feel? You will want to book your stay in the 16th district. One hotel that stands out is the Saint James. With the hotel’s fountain to greet you before you even step through the lobby and the flare of the Parisian style throughout the hotel. This hotel was transformed by famous designer Bambi Sloan. With sights to see like the Eiffel Tower, the Bastille, Notre Dame Cathedral, Moulin Rouge, and by going to these places you will be crossing the Seine and we offer a variety of hotels to keep you close to every beautiful location.

When booking a hotel room in Europe, it is important to note size differences from North American hotels; Europe is much older than the US and with this age comes a lack of space. When researching, be sure to book the right fit for your stay and do not rely solely on the lowest price, you may find yourself sharing a bathroom with another guest!

Only staying a few days in Paris then driving out into the French countryside? We can combine your car rental and hotel stay and offer even more discounts on our already low rates. We can help you find a hotel to where you want to be. Simply reference our map of luxury hotels in Paris, or call us toll free at 1-877-444-2222 to book the Parisian hotel of your dreams!

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