World’s Best Street Food

Luxury HotelsIf you are looking for an authentic taste in your destination, look no further than the street. Hop into line with the locals for fresh made, traditional dishes that are affordable and deliciously represent the region.

Currywurst, Germany

Hotels in MunichWe have Herta Heuwer’s culinary ingenuity to thank for this spicy, meaty treat, which she invented in 1949. She mixed curry powder with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and spices, then drizzled it over traditional German pork sausage. Served with fries or white bread rolls, currywurst is a hearty snack popular at food trucks across the country. Find the stall with the longest line in whichever city you are visiting, and you’re sure to find the best currywurst. In Berlin, you can even visit the National Currywurst Museum where its history and cultural significance is commemorated.

Banh mi, Vietnam

Hotels in VietnamA fusion of eastern and western traditions, these savory sandwiches will delight every palate. An airy baguette is gently grilled, and then stuffed with all sorts of fillings including spiced pork belly, pork liver pate, cucumbers, cilantro and a pickled slaw of daikon, carrots and cabbage. Spicy chili sauce is the final flourish, or some prefer to spread herbed aioli for a condiment. The French influence is obvious from the perfection of the bread, but the spicy and tangy Vietnamese flavors are really what make this snack so special.

Daulat ki chaat, Delhi

Hotels in DelhiDaulat ki chaat is loosely translated to “milk puff,” which you’ll understand once you see it for yourself. This delicate dessert wows with intricate flavors and an almost otherworldly light texture. Whisked milk is sweetened and spiced with saffron, toasted pistachios and a dash of fragrant rosewater. The result is a decadent, meringue-style heap of sweet and spicy fluff that is fit for royalty. The street vendors even take pride in the presentation of their huge vats of the delicacy; beautiful silver leaf is artfully placed among the vibrant yellow swirls of saffron. Be sure to stop by for a taste early in the day, before the heat of the day “deflates” the daulat ki chaat. Only found in its true form in Old Delhi, it is not to be missed during your travels to India.

Burek, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Hotels in SarajevoTuck into a burek during your visit to Sarajevo and relish in the tender roasted meat, caramelized onion and tangy feta cheese filling. Encased in flaky phyllo dough, this spiral baked dish is served in steaming, hand held slices. It originated in Turkey a millennium ago, and today is a popular meal any time of day, throughout the Balkan region. Vegetarian versions made with cottage cheese, spinach, potato and egg are also popular and worth tasting. Try burek from stands around Sarajevo to sample each vendor’s unique take on the crust and fillings–you’ll have enough options to have burek for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Tamales, Mexico

Hotels in MexicoAncient Mayans masterminded these steaming, versatile little packages of tastiness, and nowadays they are widely available from food stalls on the streets of Central America and Mexico. Cornmeal dough is rolled around the filling of your choice, from cheese to roasted meats, fruits or chilies. The roll is secured in a corn husk or banana leaf, then the package is steamed. Try your tamales with a spicy salsa or mole, or a spicy Mexican coffee!

Taste the local delicacies wherever you travel, whether you’re backpacking through the UK, taking a train across Asia, or exploring ancient cities from your luxury hotel in Germany.

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