Summer Trends: This is a Man’s World

Luxury Hotel BookingsHey, Boys! You want to look rakishly handsome and effortlessly suave on your beach vacation, right? Why should girls get to have all the fun with fashion? Try these trends on the beachfront at your luxury hotel in Miami and the ladies won’t be the only ones eliciting double-takes galore.

First thing’s first, you need a pair of shades to give off that mysterious male model vibe you’re after. Not only will these retro Blu-Blockers save your eyes from strain, they will allow you to stealthily scope out every pretty girl who passes your cabana. So classic, yet so cheap, these oversized aviator frames say “I could have subbed for Don Johnson on Miami Vice,” in a good way.

Luxury Hotels in MiamiClassic Matte Black Blu-Blockers Sunglasses

Underwater Camera
If you show up to the beach with this waterproof camera, we guarantee that the ladies will be lining up for their Little Mermaid close-ups in the surf. Capture splashy flirtations, or get serious and flex your snorkeling chops for vibrant images of the coral and sea monsters below the waves. Are you an adventurous guy? Imagine the epic shots you could manage from your surfboard or Jetski, too!

Luxury Hotels in TampaOlympus Tough TG-1 Camera

This wallet is too cool to pass up. It’s made from professional racing sails and is virtually indestructible. Two words, gentlemen: Fire. Proof. Of course it floats too! As light as a couple sheets of paper and as thick as two credit cards, you can tote this up and down the beach, into the waves and up to the tiki bar for another round of cervezas without a care.

Luxury Hotels in Fort LauderdaleFlowfold Racing Sail Wallet

Swim Trunks
You’ll need a thin wallet to rock this summer’s biggest trend—swim trunks that actually fit. Gone are the days when ladies are going to swoon at your sagging board shorts, (come to think of it, did they ever?). You’ve got it, so flaunt it! These bodacious trunks are perfect if your upper thighs need some sun, but you don’t quite have the confidence to don an Olympic diver’s Speedo.

Luxury Hotels in Los AngelesDSquared Swim Trunks

If there’s one thing that will instantly suck the fun out of your vacation, it’s a scorched scalp. Protect your head or just hide funky beach hair with your straw fedora perched jauntily to one side. Try tipping your brim to passing girls; they’ll love your chivalrous manners and wonder if you’re a mobster or a movie star. Either way, you’ll be a stone cold fox in your chapeau.

Luxury Hotels in Myrtle BeachBrixton Castor Fedora

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