Top Ten Sandwiches

Luxury HotelsWho doesn’t love sandwiches? The answer: No one. Somewhere out there, a filling, bread and condiment awaits even the pickiest eater in the world. We have the 4th Earl of Sandwich to thank for the cheap, quick and tasty lunch of our life, so in his honor, here are the top ten sandwiches from around the globe.

Cheesesteak, Philadelphia

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A Philly icon, the cheesesteak was pioneered in the 1930s. Today, Pat’s King of Steaks still serves the touted best steak sandwich in town. Thinly sliced steak is seared on the griddle with onions and then slathered with provolone, or the ever popular Cheez Whiz variant.

Falafel, Egypt

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Originally a replacement for meat dishes during Lent, these fried chick pea balls are so tasty you won’t miss the beef! Falafel is usually served in a flat bread or pita pocket with yogurt or tahini based sauces, pickled vegetables and hot sauce if you’re daring!

Reuben, Nebraska

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We have Omaha, Nebraska to thank for this bruiser of a sandwich. In 1920, a Lithuanian grocer had the brilliance to combine corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing on rye bread. Guess what his name was? Reuben Kulakofsky.

Cubano, Cuba

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This spicy, salty delight depends on a squishy Cuban roll to be perfect. The roasted pork, thinly sliced ham, Swiss cheese and pickles are all unified by the spicy mustard, in the style of Cuban cigar factory and sugar mill workers of the early 1900s.

Italian, Maine

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The Amato brothers engineered this northerly treat in 1902. A soft sub roll is stuffed with American cheese, ham, onions, sour pickles, tomato, peppers and olives, then drizzled with oil. Ask for it anywhere but New England and you might get some raised eyebrows!

Bocadillo de Calamares, Madrid

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A straight up squid sandwich, this hot and fresh street snack has been satisfying peckish bar hoppers and night owls for decades. A squeeze of lemon and smear of tangy aioli is all the tender, fried calamari needs in its crusty roll. Try it cooked in its own squid ink for a special treat.

Muffuletta, New Orleans

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Travel to the deep south for the best version of this formidable sandwich, which came about at the Central Grocery in 1906. A huge, round loaf of dense muffuletta bread is used in the recipe, and it’s layered with olive tapenade, capicola, salami, pepperoni, ham, Swiss and provolone.

Banh Mi, Vietnam

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Combine savory pork, pickles veggies and cilantro on a crusty French baguette and you have a street food staple of Vietnam. Locals will recommend a fried egg on top as the final flourish on this colonial-era invention.

Croque-Monsieur, Paris

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You will find the original version of this decadent treat in Parisian cafés. Introduced in 1910, what’s special about this hot ham and Emmental sandwich is the golden, bubbling cheese that’s broiled on the top slice of bread. Try the croque-madame variation with a poached egg atop.

Vada Pav, India

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Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, by Gary Soup

In 1971, an innovative street vendor thought to place a spicy potato fritter between two soft buns, and one of the most popular sandwiches in India was born. Garnished with coconut, chutney and garlic, you’ll love the hints of chilies and ginger that come through in the light potato patty.

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