World’s Best Pools

An extraordinary pool can add some serious fun to your vacation. Check out these superlative plunges the next time you book a luxury hotel in Brussels, Shanghai, Santiago, Reykjavik or Singapore!

The concept of a cantilevered swimming pool is old news, but at this Shanghai Holiday Inn Express their pool is anything but stale. Twenty four stories up, the pool juts out over the city and offers swimmers a staggering view through its plate glass floor. Perfect your backstroke, unless you want to be face to face with almost 250 feet of empty space!

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On the coast of Chile at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort, the largest (20 acres) and deepest (115 feet) pool in the world awaits you. There is even a man made beach overlooking the real beach! You can swim, kayak and sail in this crystal clear lagoon, while in the shadow of the posh holiday accommodations. Bigger than 20 Olympic pools, there will be no need to go in the “real” ocean on this vacation.

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The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s biggest attractions. A man made pool fed by balmy (98-104ºF) and therapeutic mineral water, you’ll be intrigued by the opaque pale blue water and constant mist of the geothermal activity that surrounds the lagoon. Slather yourself in the complimentary silica mud, partake in a spa treatment or wade up to the bar where you can order the signature cocktail or a serving of volcano scrub.

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Nemo 33 is a singular pool facility that was created with divers and film production in mind. Located just outside Brussels, Belgium, it is a solar heated, spring fed complex of underwater tunnels, caverns and pits that are ideal for learning scuba diving techniques. The deepest well reaches 113 feet down, but there are many simulated caves at shallower depths too. Brave free divers practice here too, without external air sources.

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Atop the three 600 foot towers of Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino in Singapore rests the world’s largest cantilevered platform. Known as the Sands SkyPark, it boasts a palm lined promenade, restaurants shops and an almost 500 foot long infinity pool overlooking the city. The highest pool of its size, it offers quite a unique swimming experience.

Luxury HotelsPhoto courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, by green_kermit

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