A Festival of What?!

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Asparagus Festival–Stockton, California

luxury hotels in StocktonTucked just inland from San Francisco, the city of Stockton pays tribute to the local celebrity spear, Asparagus. Over 36,000 pounds of the veggie are grilled, chopped, pureed, fried and then munched upon during this three day bonanza.  From pickled asparagus to asparagus burritos, soups, sandwiches and even cakes, these vendors know how to get creative. The winner of this year’s Deep Fried Asparagus Eating Competition tossed back 8lbs 7oz! Work off lunch during the “Spear-it” Run for charity, and don’t forget to donate any sort of canned goods to the giant asparagus aluminum can sculpture. Proceeds go to over 120 local charities.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival–Clinton, Montana

bullChannel your inner cowboy at this slightly inappropriate gathering. Nowhere near wholesome, this festival celebrates deep fried bull testicles. Held at a rustic riverside lodge, this is a raucous, bawdy party boasting lots of loud music and kitschy contests. If you can’t win the tattoo contest, try for Miss TestyFest. If that title eludes you, try for Hairiest Chest or Most Festive Campsite. The meaty entrees do well to soak up all the beer, but there are still shuttles back to Missoula, 22 miles away. Safety first! Something tells me you won’t be up for travel anyway, if you tried for the Ball Eating Championship title. So pitch your tent and tuck into a $5 testicle sampler plate, if you’re not already full of bull. Last year, 54,000 pounds of USDA approved bull bits were fried up!

Garlic Festival–Gilroy, California

luxury hotels in GilroyGarlic ice cream, garlic soda and garlic jelly reign at this Scope mouthwash sponsored event. The self proclaimed (funnily enough) Garlic Capital of the World has shut down for this celebration for the last 33 years! Celebrity chefs, Food Network personalities, discerning foodies and general garlic enthusiasts flock to sample both unique and traditional garlic preparations. Last year’s So You Think You Can Cook With Garlic? winner masterminded a tasty stacked steak Napoleon on garlic paper.. Two tons of garlic were cooked and $8.5 million was raised for charity! Bad breath? Take a break from the pungent food and enjoy the jazz, rock and blues bands that play throughout the festival

Waikiki Spam JamHonolulu, Hawaii

luxury hotels in HonoluluOver 20,000 tourists and locals alike attend the annual “Ode to Spam” in Waikiki Beach. Pacific Islanders and Spam began their love affair during WW2, when rations were slim and the occupying military introduced it. Still a staple in most cupboards, Spam gets into sushi rolls, stir fried vegetables and salads. Try Spam-akopita made with puff-pastry and feta cheese or the classic Spamwich with burger bun, pineapple and cheese. Upscale restaurants along Kalakaua Ave serve up gourmet Spam dishes and you can get your hands on Spam themed anything: from Spam t-shirts to Spam coasters, Spam slippers to Spam underwear! Celebrate the mystery meat with those who know it best.

Yarmouth Clam Festival–Yarmouth, Maine

Always have to represent Maine! There is no denying this buttery seafood fest is sought after, even if it is all the way up here in the northeast. For 45 years this tradition has brought mollusk lovers from far and wide to delight in steamed clams, fried clams and all the dressings–100,000 showed up this year!  From chowder to clam cakes, kayak races to shucking contests, this quintessential New England experience is fun for the whole family. The horse-drawn carriage ride is the perfect wind down after an afternoon of music, parades and merriment. Don’t forget to sample the best lobster in the world, and while you’re here partake in a real Maine tradition, whoopie pies!

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