Coolest Bathrooms in the World

We’d never seek out a hotel or restaurant purely for its restroom, but these superlative WCs are almost worth it!

Most Exhilarating

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The shower in the Celebrity Reflection’s best suite will make your pulse race. Cantilevered out over 14 decks of open water, its polygonal glass walls are even angled outward to heighten the thrill. Peer down through the glass floor while the luxurious rain shower soaks you, or wave to the people on shore—not that they’ll be able to see you! Day time reflective and night time electrochromatic technology will ensure privacy within the shower.

Most Aquatic

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At the Mumin Papa Café in Akashi Japan, ladies only get to experience a singular underwater toilet delight. Three walls of the bathroom stall house floor to ceiling saltwater tanks that teem with coral, fish and even sea turtles! With an almost $270,000 price tag, it’s a good thing this café draws restroom enthusiasts from near and far.

Most Futuristic

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Sketch Restaurant and Bar in London boasts a loo worthy of a sci-fi film. Eight glossy white capsules greet you at the top of the glowing staircase, four for the ladies and four for gents. These individual bathroom stalls are unique and unexpected, considering the building dates back to the 18th century. The space age “eggs” are juxtaposed with the vintage wash basins that give off a distinct rococo vibe.

Most Lavish

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In 2001, jewelry kingpin Lam Sai-Wing envisioned a powder room made of solid gold, and since he had the $38 million clams to spare, he made it a reality. Almost 1,000 lbs of 24 karat gold made up the gaudy Swisshorn Gold Palace, in addition to over 6,000 precious gemstones. It’s since been melted and sold, save for the magnificent toilet, which still resides in Hong Kong.

Most Random

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A unique art installation for the Tate Britain in 2004, “Don’t Miss A Sec” was cause for a lot of buzz. This freestanding, mirrored cubicle was situated across the street from the art museum, and housed a fully functioning bathroom stall. The only catch? One way glass. The occupants had a 360 degree view of the busy street around them, but passers-by couldn’t see in. Few had the nerve to actually use the toilet. Artist Monica Bonvicini’s strange piece was also on display in Basel, Switzerland later that year.

Where was the most unique restroom you ever used?

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