Sun Seeker: Atlantic City

luxury hotels in atlantic city
Welcome to the longest boardwalk in the world—the premier, east coast pleasure seeker’s destination. Four miles of sand, luxury hotels, casinos and top restaurants give way to kitschy attractions like Lucy the Elephant and the infamous Steel Pier.

The neon of today still evokes the era when such frivolity was a national novelty and visitors would stay at this seaside resort town for weeks upon weeks in the summer. They’d gamble, lounge in the sun and delight in the promenade of endless entertainment, food and attractions. From horse diving to Frank Sinatra concerts, motorcycle highwire acts to the Miss America Pageant, the Atlantic City was (and still is, albeit without the same headlining acts) the pulse of the east coast’s tourist draw.

lighthouse atlantic cityNowadays, visitors can delight in the lavish luxury hotels, marvel at the glitz from a private helicopter ride and shop designer names like Gucci, Tiffany & Co, and Burberry right on the boardwalk. Bringing the kids? There is the family friendly amusement park, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and aquarium. For those looking to keep things a little more mature (PG-13? R- rated?), there are world class golf courses, the jingling casinos and beat-dropping night clubs.

Oh, and there is a gorgeous beach, seemingly the cherry on top, though this stretch of sand was the whole point of the resort town in the first place. Wide and clean, there are varying sections of the seashore that can be enjoyed for everything from surfing to fishing to a quick match-up on the beach volleyball net. Of course you can partake in your favorite sunny day libation and a snack without leaving your beach chair! Oh, cabana boy!

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