Apple Picking and an Idyllic Autumn

luxury hotelsNothing evokes the pumpkin carving-scarf and sweater weather-Christmas is coming nostalgia of autumn like apple picking. Growing up in a rural region, it was an annual treat to ride the tractor up the bumpy orchard paths to where the apple trees hung heavy with shiny, ruby fruit. We knew that a mug of steaming cider and chunk of homemade fudge awaited us at the end, along with the paramount task of selecting the perfect pumpkin from amongst the hay bales and potted chrysanthemums.

In Yakima, Washington, Johnson Orchard has given visitors and locals the opportunity to partake in their fall family traditions, top notch fruit (in addition to apples they grow pears, peaches, and cherries!), and fresh homemade famous copper pot caramel apple pie since 1904. Gala, Gingergold, and Honeycrisp apples are just a few of the fine types available for picking. Pick just a peck for sweet snacks or a bushel if you’re keen to make your own applesauce, apple butter or apple jam. Don’t miss the local treat, copper pot caramel in either sweet, chewy candy form or in decadent sauce perfect for drizzling over your favorite fall dessert.

The Yakima Valley is truly an autumnal delight with its greenway path along the river, perfect for biking or leaf peeping, rugged scenery and sophisticated wineries awaiting your exploration. Nearby the Johnson Orchard, Gilbert, Treveri and Kana Cellars have tasting rooms open to visitors daily.

So, don your fuzziest sweater and warm your hands ‘round a fragrant cup of cider at Johnson Orchard. Then let the Yakima Valley delight you with fiery foliage and fine vintages. Luxury hotels in Yakima start at $98/night and autumn has arrived!

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