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Luxury HotelsAre you that brave person who delights in watching horror movies home alone? If it’s a dark and stormy night, does that make you even happier as you munch your popcorn at the macabre gore, ghosts, paranormal phenomena and other scares that would give most people nightmares? If this sounds like you, firstly, congrats, you’re way braver than we are. Secondly, check out these super creepy, haunted hotels from around the world—they’ll be right up your dark, deserted alley.

Room 333, Langham Hotel, London, England

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Touted as the most haunted hotel in London, the Langham hosts more than its fair share of spirits. Outside, it’s an ornate, Florentine property that was built in 1865. Inside, you’ll find the ghost of Emperor Napoleon III lurking in the basement and the unnamed man with a massive head wound spooking the hallways. Room 333 is where the real scares occur, though. There is a murder-suicide doctor and his wife who have haunted the room since their ill-fated honeymoon, as well as a German prince who jumped to his death from room 333. You’ll see him in his military uniform, probably walking through walls.

Ghost Room, Ballygally Castle Hotel, Larne, Northern Ireland

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This hotel was built in 1625, and has been haunted since almost the very beginning. The original owner, a Scot named James Shaw, saw to that when he locked his wife Isobel in the corner turret room. Now referred to as the Ghost Room, the turret housed Isobel as she starved to death. She supposedly fell from the window and died, and now haunts the room avidly. There is also a ghost child who wakes guests with his giggling and pitter-patter, and a 19th century spirit named Madame Nixon who wafts around in a billowing silk dressing gown.

Room 218, Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Guests flock to this 19th century property for its supernatural inhabitants. “Michael” the stonemason who unfortunately plummeted to his death during the construction of the hotel, has been known to reach through the bathroom mirror, to the horror of guests. Dr. Ellis, a surgeon who worked in the building when it was a makeshift cancer hospital, can be seen pushing a ghostly gurney through the hallways, and there is a mysterious, unnamed woman in white whose grisly story is unknown, yet greatly speculated upon by ghost enthusiasts who spot her.

Room 928, Hotel Roosevelt, Los Angeles, California

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Situated in the heart of Hollywood, this was the venue for the first Academy Awards in 1929. It is said to be the home of many of Tinseltown’s spirits, but none are more notable than Marilyn Monroe herself. Try and catch a glimpse of her ghost in the Tropicana Night Club. Listen closely as you pass room 928—that’s where Montgomery Clift’s ghost sometimes plays the trombone. Clift stayed in the hotel during rehearsals for From Here to Eternity.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

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Built on the site of a wartime prison and execution ground, this hotel teems with eerie goings on. The ghosts of uniformed soldiers create clanking in the halls, and spine tingling, cold snaps breeze through the lobby. Though sacred scrolls and a Chinese sutra were placed at the entrance by Feng Shui experts to ward off the apparitions, guests still claim to be creeped out by the place. One reviewer on Trip Advisor said “The Grand Hyatt Taipei is a fine hotel without a doubt, but if you’re sensitive to the paranormal you may want to stay elsewhere.”

So there are your options if you want to have the candy corn scared out of you this Halloween season. As for us, we’ll stay tucked in and cozy, someplace brightly lit and free of ghouls thankyouverymuch!

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