Amazing Bridges of the Netherlands

In the land of many canals, it’s no surprise that the Netherlands takes their bridges seriously. From artistic license to making statements about sustainability, each crossing is thoughtfully designed and creatively implemented. Book a luxury hotel in Amsterdam and start your adventure around the Netherlands in search of striking and ingenious bridges.

Sunken Bridge, Halsteren

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The “Moses Bridge” in Halsteren parts the moat of 17th century Fort de Roovere with a narrow pedestrian walk way that’s set beneath the level of the water. It’s made from Accoya wood which is a hardy, long enduring hybrid that is resistant to rot. The craftsmanship of the bridge is incredible; notice the tongue and groove details in the side panels. Once you reach the fort, you’ll be treated to a system of cycling and walking trails, or you can simply enjoy the view with a picnic in the grass. It was finished in late 2011.

Slauerhoffbrug, Leeuwarden

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Many have said that this automatic “flying bridge” resembles a robot’s arm flipping a pancake. As yachts and barges pass beneath, the hydraulic arm lifts a 50 x 50 foot section of the road straight up and out of the way of the masts. It’s fully automatic, sensing the traffic build up of both the water way and the road. Of course it’s painted cheerily in yellow and blue to represent Leeuewarden’s flag and seal. It was completed in 2000.

Twisted Bridge, Vlaardingen

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It’s technically a “helical truss bridge,” but locals call it “The Twist.” Gravity is seemingly defied as bicyclists and those on foot navigate the walkway that spans Vardingse Vaart canal. The bridge’s four hundred strands of red painted steel weave a truss that twists almost a full 90 degrees across its length. Built in 2009, it’s not just a pretty face; the design is extremely stable and dampens vibrations caused by the traffic on the bridge deck.

Wooden Bridge, Sneek

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This wooden bridge is designed to bear the brunt of whatever traffic the city of Sneek cares to throw at it—even the heaviest class vehicles up to 60 tons! The first of its kind in the world, it resembles a huge overturned basket. The Accoya wood planks are treated for unwavering durability and strength in a woven arc that spans just over 100 feet. The striking silhouette of the bridge acts as a unique welcome mat to the city. The bridge has been showing off the local eco-conscious, contemporary atmosphere of Sneek since 2008.

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