Would You Taste Test These Local Delicacies?

We’ve all been offered dishes that make us wrinkle our noses, but etiquette suggests that we graciously accept a taste of whatever food that’s offered. This becomes an especially important practice when we visit other countries. What seems strange to us is standard fare for our hosts—and who knows, you may like it!

Hakarl, Iceland

luxury hotels in IcelandPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by moohaha

Straight up, this is rotten shark meat that’s been decomposing underground for months. It reeks of ammonia, so first timers are encouraged to hold their noses when they take a bite of this soft flesh. Some say it tastes like very strong cheese!

Casu Marzu, Sardinia

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This tradition is so iffy, it’s been outlawed in Italy, where it originated. Insect larvae are planted in sheep milk Pecorino and they digest it from the inside out. This advanced decomposition earns the cheese its “rotten” name. If the maggots die, the cheese can turn toxic, so beware!

Snake Wine, Vietnam

luxury hotels in vietnamPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by Augapfel

That’s no ordinary rosé! You’re first hint will be that there’s a whole snake staring back at you from the bottle. Supposedly a healthful and restorative beverage, this wine even includes the venom! Don’t worry, the poison is broken down and rendered harmless over the months the snake spends “steeping.”

Raw Puffin Heart, Iceland

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These brightly beaked birds are so cute, how could anyone ever carve out the heart and eat it raw? In Iceland, it’s a special treat, and the puffin population is so huge that the birds aren’t a protected species. Apparently the heart is very tender and the flavor is fishy and fresh.

Balut, Philippines

Hotels in the PhilippinesPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by JavaSquid

Taking eggs to a whole other level, balut is prepared by boiling duck eggs before they hatch. The whole embryo is eaten along with a pinch of salt, or sometimes chili oil. Watch out for the crunchy beaks and feet! These are as popular as hot dogs throughout much of Southeast Asia.

Bird’s Nest Soup, China

Luxury Hotels in ChinaPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by n3rraD

In China, rare cave swifts form their nests from their own saliva, in the craggy cliffs of the coast. One of the most expensive animal products in the world to harvest and prepare, it is renowned for its curative qualities. The gelatinous threads of nest are very high in minerals.

Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia

luxury hotels in CambodiaPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by Paul Mannix1

Certainly not a snack for the arachnophobic, fried tarantulas do not leave much to the imagination. The name says it all. Whole, huge spiders are flash fried in oil and garlic leaving a crispy coating and warm, gooey inside.

Sannakji, Korea

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This one’s live octopus. Yes, even if you cut them up on the plate, they will still squirm. Be wary of the tentacles that can suction onto your mouth and throat if you don’t chew thoroughly enough; they can be a choking hazard for rookies.

Kopi Luwak, Indonesia

luxury hotels in indonesiaPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by chee.hong

This renowned coffee brew is extremely expensive but still sought after by caffeine connoisseurs. The Palm Civet, an adorable, cat-sized forest critter, lives on a diet of mainly coffee berries. Once “passed” by the civets, the excrement is collected and the beans are processed into an aromatic, chocolatey coffee.

Thousand Year Eggs, China

china hotel bookingsPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by laughlin

Another creative egg dish from Far East, these chicken, duck or quail eggs are packed in clay, salt and ash for months before they are cracked open and enjoyed. The yolk turns a creamy dark green and the white of the egg turns to brown jelly. Add a pinch of salt and a flavor kaleidoscope will explode on your taste buds.

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