Your Dog’s Christmas List

Gone are the days when Fluffy and Fido give you ultimate puppy eyes as you drive away from the boarding kennel, when you throw the neighbor kid twenty bucks to walk Benji a few times a day, when you feel so guilty for leaving Princess that you bring her back an extra sparkly new collar with her name encrusted on it with rhinestones.

With an increasing number of pet friendly hotels across the country, dog owners from all corners are bringing their best friends with them on their travel adventures. Some of these properties offer doggy entrees on the room service menu, monogrammed water bowls and plush bedding for your pet, while others offer homemade treats upon check in. Wherever your vacation is taking you and your slobbery side-kick, don’t forget to pack these canine necessities.

Water Dispenser

This ingenious bottle/bowl combo makes it simple to give your pal fresh water no matter where you are. Unlike those unsteady, vinyl travel bowls, this design lets you squeeze water from the bottle into the attached fold out trough. No larger than a regular water bottle, it fits in cup holders, or conveniently clips onto your belt. The 20oz bottle sells for under $10!


A sturdy harness is key to little Buster’s comfort and safety during your trip. A mesh, vest-like harness will keep him from straining his neck, help you control him in sometimes crowded scenarios and allow you to secure him comfortably in the back seat of your car. Make sure the fit is snug but not restrictive and Buster will feel very distinguished in his new duds.

Retractable Leash

Traditional leashes are fine for home because we all have those designated leash hooks by the door. On the road though, leashes get tangled and lost in the mix. A retractable leash is knot-free, fits easily into a back pocket or purse, and gives you infinitely more control over your dog’s freedom. As an added bonus, they take out their own slack so Lassie won’t be tripping on it between her paws.

Bag Dispenser

In your own yard/field/woods you may not be too strict about cleaning up after Rocky, but in many cities there are strict regulations about cleaning up your dog’s poop. If you get caught leaving a mess on the sidewalk you could even face steep fines! This ultra portable case is refillable and clips right onto your leash. Rolls of biodegradable, pleasantly scented or pretty patterned bags can be found in any pet store alongside this pet travel must.

Musher’s secret

Daisy’s tender paws wouldn’t survive without this amazing balm. This all natural, non-staining formula coats the pads of your pup’s paws, protecting them from scorching pavement in the summer and the salty, icy pavement in winter. It also prevents snowballing between their sensitive little toes! It soaks into their pads so they are left conditioned and protected from whatever elements vacation might bring.


Whether you take your dog on a tour of luxury hotels across the country or rough it in the family campervan, make sure your sidekick has all the hip new doggy gadgets–he’ll be the coolest pooch on the road!


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