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Hotel BookingsHas anyone been to see Spielberg’s “Lincoln” yet? We think that Daniel Day-Lewis can do no wrong, and he really hit a home run in his role as the 16th president. You’ll be just as intrigued as we were after the movie, eager to find out more about the life of Honest Abe. Book a luxury hotel in Chicago and you’ll be in ideal position to roam around Lincoln’s home state of Illinois and delve into this great man’s history.

Start at the iconic Lincoln Log Cabin, where Abe’s father and stepmother lived in the 1840s. Abraham was off becoming a successful lawyer in the big city, but he certainly visited, and later owned and operated the farm when the elder Lincoln passed away. Today there is a historic farm, orchards, gardens and an exact reproduction of the cabin in Charleston, Illinois.

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While Lincoln’s family was cozy in their cabin, he was in Springfield, Illinois honing his arguments at the still standing Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices. From 1844 to 1952, Lincoln and his young partner researched their cases here, and then often appeared in court at the Capitol Building across the street. The interior was restored in 1985 to resemble the operations that took place in the 1840s.

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Your second stop in Springfield will be the Lincoln Home Historical Site. Though he and his wife Mary moved into the White House when Abe won the presidency, this was the only home he ever owned, and they resided here until 1861. There is a four block presidential memorial surrounding the house that includes an educational visitor center, shop, and many Civil War era exhibits.

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Finally, the most poignant site you will visit on your Lincoln pilgrimage is the Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site, a thought provoking tribute to the tragically assassinated president. Situated in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, the elaborate mausoleum is the final resting place of the entire Lincoln family, save the eldest son Robert. Rub the “lucky” nose of Lincoln’s bronze bust, explore the terraces and rooms within, or stroll the 12 acre plot, contemplating the life and times of such a singular American.

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