Luxury Gifts for the Savvy Jet Setter

What do you get for the traveler who already has their chic lightweight luggage set, calfskin toiletries case and designer in-flight slippers? Traveling in comfort and style is something we all aspire to, but even if you are saving money trapped in coach, you can don all the small luxuries that will help you relax and enjoy the journey.

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Travel Set — $395

For about the price of your domestic flight, you can cozy into your ample throw blanket and sleeping mask. The cable-knit cashmere comes in classic colors like hunter green, navy blue and heather grey and feels kitten soft on your travel-haggard skin. Goodness knows the airline isn’t going to provide a blanket! The set folds tidily into a plush pillow, if you just want something soft to rest your head on. For an extra holiday bonus, you can get the zippered pillow bag monogrammed in the most regal of fonts.




Shure SE 535 Noise Canceling Ear Buds — $500

No one looks cool in those giant, head enveloping headphones (I’m talking to you, Bose) that have grown so popular in-flight among light sleepers and screaming child-haters. These extraordinarily small and hi-tech ear buds give you the same respite from engine rumbles, chatty seatmates and of course the token demon-possessed four year old boy you experience on any flight. Not only do they filter out ambient distractions, but their rich, bass-filled sound will impress even the most discerning audiophile, whether in flight or not.



Travel Tranquil Moments Alarm Clock Sound Therapy Machine — $99

The ambient noise that can be so infuriating on a plane comes to your jet-lagged brain’s rescue in the form of this state of the art gadget. Soothing rain, white noise, ocean surf and “summer night” help guide your brainwave frequencies lull into a sounder, healthier sleep—clinically proven and everything! Twenty year’s research in the making, this sound therapy machine also has full alarm clock functions as well as voice memo capabilities. Bye-bye restless nights away from home!





Diane Von Furstenberg Travel Adaptor — $98

I guarantee your fancy jet-setting friend/relative/giftee doesn’t have one of these! Little do they know though, they need it for their next overseas sojourn. Zipped adorably in an uber-chic, leather blend case, this universal power adaptor will allow your favorite globetrotter to blowdry their hair, charge their laptop or plug whatever else in with impeccable style.




Tumi Vapor International Carry-On — $445

This hard shell roller suitcase will be the envy of everyone on the plane, without rival. The ultra lightweight, poly-carbonate shell is undeniably sexy yet functional and the suitcase comes standard with useful features. Tumi Tracer, an exclusive luggage retrieval program, Omega “break away” zippers to help with rough airport handlers and a space age-esque telescopic handle that can withstand the rigors of any trek around the world. You’ll find this suitcase worthy of its price tag as you dart among busy airports and roll it to the back of the plane—where you had to buy your ticket because you spent all your money on your sleek luggage!




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