World’s Biggest Malls

Luxury Hotels in DubaiTo celebrate the recent unveiling of plans for the new Mohamed Bin Rashid City in Dubai, we thought we’d talk malls. ‘Tis the season for extra shopping! The rumored Mall of the World will dwarf the current largest mall on earth (the Mall of Dubai), boast a 455 acre park, 100 hotels and a Universal Studios family theme-park. We’ll believe it when we see it. Meanwhile, take a day (or a week) to explore these other retail behemoths around the world.

New South China Mall—Dongguan, China

Luxury Hotels in ChinaPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by Swoolverton

The Mall of America could fit inside this shopping Mecca twice over. With over 7 million square feet of retail space, it offers every shop you can think of, and then some, among its 2350 available storefronts. Highlights include an indoor/outdoor roller coaster and life like replicas of both Paris’ Arc de Triomphe and Venice’s St. Mark’s Bell Tower.

Mall of Asia—Pasay City, Philippines

Luxury Hotels in the PhilippinesPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by Elmer B. Domingo

Completed in 2006, this complex’s motto is “No other Mall Comes Close,” which is fair enough, considering its impressive 4.4 million square feet of retail space. It houses the first IMAX theater in the country, as well as the first Olympic sized swimming pool! Luckily there is a 20 seat tram to transport shoppers between the four sprawling buildings.

Cevahir Istanbul—Istanbul, Turkey

Luxury Hotels in IstanbulPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by ltimur

The largest mall in Europe, Cevahir was built in 2005. It weighs in at 3.8 million square feet of pure shopping bliss, but also offers its visitors a massive wave pool, several IMAX theaters, and of course the obligatory indoor roller coaster. This six floor complex is also home to the world’s second largest clock; each digit is ten feet tall!

West Edmonton Mall—Edmonton, Alberta

Luxury Hotels in CanadaPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons, by Longdistancer

An oldie but a goodie, the largest mall in North America was built in 1981. Obviously ahead of its time, it sprawls over 3.8 million square feet. Among its attractions are a water park, casino, skating rink (it is Canada, after all), and an amusement park called Galaxyland.

Explore these epic shopping opportunities from your luxury hotel in Canada, Turkey, the Philippines, Dubai or China. Excellent Hotels offers the guaranteed lowest rates on three, four and five star hotels near all of these huge malls. Happy retail therapy, and happy gift-giving this holiday season!

Title photo courtesy of Creative Commons, by Citizen59

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