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“Gatsby, What Gatsby?”

If you are even half as excited as we are for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film The Great Gatsby, then you are probably quivering, squealing and/or jumping up and down. When the trailer came out last week, we fell out … Continue reading

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Mojitos are so 2007: Five Better Cocktails for Summer

As an ex-mixologist, I can tell you right now that every time you order a mojito, the bartender is inwardly (sometimes outwardly) rolling her eyes. One summer working at a Latin restaurant, I made so many $&*$% mojitos that my … Continue reading

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Million Dollar Hotel Gym Views

If you are one of those super motivated, stick to it, fitness oriented people, you’ll definitely want to maintain your work-out regimen while you travel. You are so gung-ho, you’ll probably even log a few miles on the creaky elliptical … Continue reading

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