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Get to Know Lincoln in Illinois

Has anyone been to see Spielberg’s “Lincoln” yet? We think that Daniel Day-Lewis can do no wrong, and he really hit a home run in his role as the 16th president. You’ll be just as intrigued as we were after … Continue reading

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Castles in America

You don’t have to travel across the pond to feast your eyes on impressive and historic fortresses. Though most of these stateside castles only hover around their hundredth birthdays, opposed to the battlements of Europe that are sometimes thousands of … Continue reading

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Biggest and Best State Fairs

Fair season is quickly closing in, so you’d better brace yourself for funnel cakes, fluorescent lit midways and down home fun galore. Whether you’re there for the infamous treats, the creaky rides, the exhibitions or the kitschy shopping, the State … Continue reading

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